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Wellington future looking bright

Wellington was recently named as one of 21 Places of the Future in a report by Cognizant.

They tipped Wellington to take advantage of “tectonic shifts in tech, work and place” to create loads of well-paid, highly skilled jobs required in the future economy.

The report recognised Wellington’s visionary screen sector, particularly the Weta Group of Companies, and the city’s “booming start-up scene propelled by an innovative approach to smart cities, grids and green infrastructure”. The city was also labelled a hipsters’ paradise of excellent food and craft beer options, safe streets, located in a walkable CBD. All music to the ears of any business event organiser.

WellingtonNZ general manager David Perks says the recognition and praise heaped on Wellington by Cognizant reflects reality and points to a prosperous future.

“Wellington has a booming screen and gaming sector, a strong start up culture, eager entrepreneurs and angel investors and a world-leading attitude of business collaboration. At the heart of all this success is Wellington’s special breed of creativity. “This culture of creativity presents an opportunity for event organisers who can tap into Wellington’s roster of innovation talent as speakers at conferences and associated events.”

Wellington was recently recognised in Infometrics Creativity Index as New Zealand’s most creative city for the 20th year in a row so it is no wonder the city attracts creative leaders.

Victoria University’s Computational Media Innovation Centre (CMIC), which serves as an innovation hub, is a great example. It specialises in creative areas such as virtual and augmented reality, film and video, rendering, animation, special effects and gaming technologies. Its staff have secured several conferences for Wellington including the Pacific Graphics 2020 and 2021 and the upcoming ACM Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces in 2022.

Perks says more international conferences like these are being targeted for when Wellington’s new purpose-built Tākina events and exhibition centre opens in mid-2023.

“We are working alongside organisations like CMIC as well as creative experts based in Wellington to bring this vision to life. It’s exciting times for the city and region.”

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