Thursday, 16 November 2023 00:45

SITE ANZ partners with DGC for young leaders

SITE ANZ has announced a strategic partnership with Destination Gold Coast


In a significant move that marks a new era of collaboration and innovation within the incentive travel and events industry, SITE Australia and New Zealand proudly announces its strategic partnership with Destination Gold Coast. This exciting partnership brings together two industry leaders committed to nurturing talent and propelling the growth of the incentive travel sector.


In today's landscape, where the incentive travel and events industry faces unprecedented challenges including staff attraction and retention, this partnership represents a unique opportunity. As the industry confronts ongoing transformations and disruptions, our partnership underscores the importance of investing in the development of a skilled and passionate workforce. Through collaboration and shared expertise, SITE Australia and New Zealand and Destination Gold Coast aim to create a sustainable talent ecosystem that will empower individuals to embark on a rewarding journey within the incentive travel sector.


Incentivise Live, SITE Australia and New Zealand's recent conference, marked the launch of the partnership of the Young Leaders Program. Nicole Tingey, President of SITE Australia and New Zealand, commented, "In a time when human resources are stretched, particularly within the incentive travel industry, Destination Gold Coast is using this unique opportunity to demonstrate its forward-thinking approach and commitment to building a pipeline of talent for the future. And to increase the appeal of the Incentive travel Industry not only as an employment opportunity but as a career choice."


This collaboration promises a plethora of benefits, including enhanced training and educational opportunities, mentorship programs, and networking events. SITE Australia and New Zealand and Destination Gold Coast will work hand in hand to ensure that the industry continues to flourish, offering exciting prospects for current and aspiring professionals.


Destination Gold Coast’s Head of Business Events Brooke Campbell shared their enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with SITE Australia and New Zealand. Our partnership signifies a shared vision to foster excellence in the incentive travel industry. Together, we will inspire, educate, and nurture talent, ultimately shaping a brighter future for our industry."


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About SITE Australia and New Zealand:

SITE Australia and New Zealand is the premier industry association dedicated to advancing the incentive travel and motivational events industry throughout the region. With a mission to inspire and educate professionals in the field, SITE Australia and New Zealand connects like-minded individuals and organizations to promote excellence in incentive travel.


The SITE Young Leaders' Program is a global community of industry professionals aged 35 years or younger with less than 5 years of experience in the incentive travel industry. By participating in the SITE Young Leaders' Program, individuals receive education, certification and networking opportunities that appeal to and benefit those who are new to the industry.