Tuesday, 05 September 2023 23:33

DMC expands portfolio

Buoyed by the rise of Australian corporates heading offshore for meetings and incentives, Tourism Portfolio has expanded its international DMC network, adding destinations including the UAE, Morocco, South Africa and Brazil in recent weeks.

Tourism Portfolio’s extended DMC network aligns with the renewed market optimism, offering a higher level of diversity and inspiring destinations for local planners.

Tourism Portfolio’s Donna Kessler and Sharon Levingston said they have been witness to a resurgence in enquiries for international destinations, with businesses appearing eager to explore new places, invest in their teams, and forge deeper connections with staff.

“Long haul is definitely the trend right now and there is certainly a focus on the exotic,” Kessler says.

“Our level of international enquiries continue to rise and these new DMC partners are already proving popular.

“Programs appear to be more focused on ROE – Return On Experience – as a measure of success.”

Ms Levingston said there was also strong interest in running programs in new destinations and in some cases dual destinations.

“Our new DMCs, like IMPACT Event & Destination Management which provides experiences in Oman and the UAE, have that covered,” she says.

New DMCs in the Tourism Portfolio include:

  • IMPACT Event & Destination Management, UAE and Oman
  • Amazing Africa, South Africa
  • Access Travel, Morocco
  • Unica, Argentina

“The tight employment market is also having an impact on the high quality of incentive travel rewards being offered to top tier staff who want more than off-the-shelf experiences,” Kessler says.