Tuesday, 02 July 2024 00:50

Perth wins bid to host ISAP 2027

Perth will host the 9th Congress of the International Society for Applied Phycology (ISAP) in 2027.

Organised by the International Society for Applied Phycology, the event will be held in Perth, marking the first time this prestigious congress will take place in Western Australia.

ISAP convenes every three years, focusing on the practical applications of phycology, which is the study of algae, encompassing both microalgae and macroalgae.

Previously hosted in Australia in Sydney in 2014, this event will bring together leading experts, researchers, and practitioners from around the world, putting Western Australia on the global stage as phycology thought leaders exchange knowledge, insights and innovations in the field.

Scheduled for mid-June 2027, the congress is expected to attract 700 industry professionals, injecting an estimated direct delegate expenditure of AU$5.8 million into Western Australia's visitor economy.

Western Australia’s unique combination of abundant land, access to coastal seawater, and its favourable climate offers unparalleled opportunities for further advancement in algal cultivation, making it the perfect destination for ISAP 2027.

Hutt Lagoon, an iconic lake in WA’s Coral Coast region, glows pink from the presence of carotenoid-producing algae, attracting thousands of tourists annually as well as the likes of the cosmetics and health industry due to its Vitamin A benefits.

The lake also contains the world’s largest microalgae production plant, a series of artificial ponds used to farm Dunaliella salina.

WA Deputy Premier and Minister for Tourism of Western Australia, the Hon. Rita Saffioti MLA, emphasised the significance of securing lucrative business events for the economic development of Western Australia.

“Hosting these types of business events is an important part of our overarching tourism strategy as it helps to showcase our State and its offerings, as well as generate valuable delegate spend for our local economy.

 “Importantly, it gives delegates a time-specific reason to visit our beautiful State, and we’re really excited to welcome attendees from around the world and showcase the diverse opportunities and capabilities that Western Australia has to offer.”

Tourism Australia Managing Director Phillipa Harrison says supporting Western Australia’s successful bid to host the International Society for Applied Phycology conference (ISAP) 2027 via the Business Events Bid Fund Program presented a huge opportunity for Australian tourism.

“Given the importance of business events to our tourism sector, we are so please to have supported this latest event win through Tourism Australia’s Business Events Bid Fund,” Harrison says. “Since its inception our Business Events Bid Fund has been helping to support a thriving visitor economy by building a strong pipeline of future international business events across Australia.”

Echoing these sentiments, CEO of Business Events Perth, Gareth Martin, expressed his enthusiasm about the positive impact of securing the ISAP congress for Western Australia.

"This strategic win exemplifies our commitment to fostering growth and innovation across key priority sectors outlined in the State Government of Western Australia's DiversifyWA framework, particularly in Primary Industries.

“The influx of delegates and associated expenditure will not only stimulate our local economy but also showcase Western Australia's expertise and capabilities on the global stage."