Tuesday, 04 June 2024 02:01

Recycling in action for business events

Recycled Furniture Recycled Furniture

Furniture utilising 100% recycled plastic will be showcased at MEETINGS 2024 by Exhibition Hire Services.

The product is the result of a partnership between EHS and Critical, which is becoming well known for its Cleanstone – used in table tops, panelling and other applications.

EHS national manager Dane Botherway says the company provided 270 table tops at the recent TRENZ exhibition – the result of 6.3 ton of plastic.

‘Sustainability is obviously an extremely important topic in the exhibition industry and the business events sector generally,’ adds Botherway.

‘We have always been proud of the reusable nature of our products, but we are also constantly looking at ways to be as gentle as possible on the environment. We’ve had a long association with Tourism Industry Aotearoa, so it was appropriate that we utilised the Critical product for the first time at TRENZ.’

Botherway says MEETINGS attendees will be able to view the product on the Coast Group stand and also the Rotorua NZ regional stand.

‘Of the 21 types of plastic available, Critical can recycle 19 of them. Black plastic boxes, fishing nets, milk bottles and many other products can be utilised in the process.