Monday, 01 July 2024 22:59

Soundcheck Podcast

The latest Soundcheck podcast episode from H3 Group with Fresh Information Limited (Fresh Info) is available now. 

Fresh Info is an experienced economic consultancy business in New Zealand. Their expertise in economics, research, forecasting, and strategy helps organisations in the tourism and events industry plan and make sound business event decisions for the future. 

Gary Taylor, H3’s business development manager – Impact Events and podcast host interviewed Shane Vuletich, managing director of Fresh Info to discuss Fresh Info's methods when it comes to measuring the impact of domestic business events such as conferences and meetings, predictions for the future of tourism and events in New Zealand, and how we can best prepare for upcoming industry economic challenges and opportunities as well as much, much more. 

To listen to episode ten of the Soundcheck, tune in here, Spotify or wherever you like to listen