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Sabre Corp tech hacked

Sabre Corp tech hacked

Sabre Corp is a major technology solution provider for airline and hotel companies.

This past week, there was a breach of its Central Reservations system, which could have exposed customer payment card data and other personal information.

Because of this, cyber security company Centrify is calling for a two-factor authentication mandate.

Corey Williams, senior director of Products and Marketing for Cybersecurity at Centrify, says this latest data breach again demonstrated the vulnerability of password-based protection.

‘Once more, we’re reminded of the danger of relying on passwords as the means of securing access to corporate systems, apps or data,’ he says.

‘Passwords are the number one security problem in the world. The only reliable defence against attackers is to enable two-factor authentication.’ 

Williams explains that two-factor authentication involves combining an additional factor – such as a code sent to a phone via text, voice call or mobile app - alongside a password.

‘This raises the bar for security, making it much harder for attackers to compromise work systems and data,’ he says.

'The sooner we all wake up to this fact, the sooner these hack headlines will subside.’