Social media + conferencing: where to start?

Social media + conferencing: where to start?

Conference venues and professional conference organisers got an inside scoop on how best to leverage social media to boost business and engage with customers, at the 2018 IACC Australia Asia Pacific Annual Conference yesterday, taking place in Auckland.

Evan Urbania, CEO of ChatterBlast Media, an online strategy and social media marketing company, says venues and PCOS can ‘activate’ their events and marketing with smart social media. 

‘Social media is vital if a conference centre wants to elevate its events,’ he says.

Urbania says ChatterBlast was created because businesses needed social media help and this wasn’t being served by traditional marketing and HR companies.

‘We help companies learn tactics they can apply to help their clients with the challenges that face their events.’

These challenges include uninspiring visuals that are usually associated with conference centres, which Urbania says is not the best way to engage delegates; privacy concerns; and wide varieties of clients whose needs must be met.

Urbania says when it comes to spend, social media is where you want to spend your marketing dollars because of the level of engagement you see on social media platforms.

‘Social media isn’t the be-all and end-all of advertising, but it is an important parcel,’ he explains.

Urbania says ‘the big three’ - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - are continually evolving to help increase engagement between businesses and clients.

‘As marketers you’re constantly looking at how to engage customers. Social media empowers you to change your voice and change your message, allowing you to connect with your clients.’

He says storytelling via social media allows us to be a bit more interesting and human in our conversations.

‘As a modern marketing tactic, people want storytelling more than ever before.

‘It allows us to demonstrate thought leadership, and emphasise a conference centre’s history and impact on clients, the community and the economy,’ he explains.