An Airbnb accommodation, featured on Airbnb Facebook An Airbnb accommodation, featured on Airbnb Facebook

Airbnb unveils new accom solution for event organisers

Airbnb has revealed a new tool ‘Airbnb for Events’  for event organisers in New Zealand and Australia to help attendees find the best accommodation options.

The tool offers event organisers and conference planners the ability to create an interactive map of Airbnb listings that are near their venues, and embed the map directly on their event website.

Airbnb will also automatically create a personalised landing page for the company’s event on Airbnb.com that organisers can share with attendees and use to market their events.

Chief executive at the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia, Joyce DiMascio welcomes the new events tool by Airbnb and says it is a practical way that event organisers can connect their clients with accommodation located in the vicinity of business events.

‘Business events are important drivers of the local economy and this new feature of the Airbnb offering will create some easy pathways to booking event accommodation,’ she says.

‘Airbnb boosts the stock of accommodation in the marketplace especially during peak event periods and this has the potential to drive event attendance by making it easier to choose accommodation in the proximity of the venue.’

'This is smart technology that will take some of the guesswork out of choosing Airbnb accommodation. We support innovation that gives consumers more ways to access their preferred style of accommodation whether that is in traditional hotel accommodation or home-style accommodation through platforms like Airbnb.'

Head to airbnb.com/events to learn more.