Technology talks

Technology talks

Event technology continues to balance productivity and innovation, with each new update and device breaking new ground in delegate experience while maintaining return on investment for organisers.

‘The delegate-driven trends are for on-demand, mobile information, and engagement,’ says Trevor Gardiner, CEO, founder and chief software architect at Centium Software, sister company to EventsAIR.

‘Mobile continues to play a big part into the near future both for delegates and to track the success of an event from start to finish for event organisers.’ 

Gardiner says in the future, more technology trends will be re-interpreted for event planners, whether it be via virtual reality tours of venues and destinations or holograms that immerse the delegate in presentations.

‘Only the technology that creates a memorable experience will graduate from 'fad' status.’ 

But technology comes with its challenges for event organisers, namely how to integrate each new technology with the current ecosystem of other software and devices, and managing multiple vendor relationships as well as integrating all tools for a real time experience.  

‘This issue is compounded by the increasing obligations that event organisers have to maintain data privacy and protection obligations globally,’ explains Gardiner.  

EventsAIR has had a busy year launching new updates featuring a web builder, gamification and auto check-in features.

The platform was also utilised at a number of world events including the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and APEC Economic Leaders Forum in Papua New Guinea.